Annual Meeting

In the first quarter of the year San Diego Book Arts holds its annual meeting. There is a small amount of business, a large amount of yummy refreshments, and an informative and inspiring presentation about book arts and art making. Several of our outstanding members whose books are widely collected have shared their work. We have also hosted collectors, small presses, and artists from around the country.

Artists' Talks

As part of our annual workshop schedule many of our presenting artists also offer a free public lecture to offer insights into their art practice. It's a great preview for those who are signed up to attend the class that will follow. It also is an opportunity to meet well known book artists and learn a little about their focus and how they work.

Monthly Meetings

San Diego Book Arts holds monthly meetings at alternating library locations, offering the public an opportunity to learn about the medium of book arts, meet people with a shared interest, and discover all that SDBA has to offer. We invite the community to join with our members and their guests on the second Wednesday of the month for a fun-filled evening of book work and conversation. No art experience is necessary. A special feature is the Unfinished Object (UFO) salons, which offer time and encouragement for those who have projects that are just waiting to be finished.

The Next Monthly Meeting:


Bookmaking Workshop  taught by Gretchen Hiegel
Wednesday, Jan. 17th 4 to 6 p.m.

Pacific Beach Library
4275 Cass Street, San Diego

In this 2-hour class Gretchen will teach two book binding techniques. The first, the Perfect Binding, solves the problem of creating a book block from single sheets of paper. And it's simple!  Utilizing paper cut to the same size and PVA glue, you can “seam” your book together without stitches.  An added benefit is that this book block allows for a variety of covers – soft to hard bound. The second, explores the versatility of an Accordion Fold by creating the spine for single sheets of paper that builds your book block.  This is the method used for Flag books. The added benefit of this spine is in controlling the size of your books. This spine allows for a single flag, or multiple flags.  It also can be stitched, glued or left open, and can accommodate a variety of covers.

This is a great workshop for CAP members to use in binding your 4” x 6” postcards together into a book format. Also perfect for bookmaking, journaling, and so much more.


To Register: email Laurel Moorhead:
Class Fee: FREE and open to the whole community
Class Limit: 10 students. Please RSVP quickly to guarantee your space.
Tools and Supplies to bring: bone folder, ruler, craft knife, cutting mat, scissors, pencil, paintbrush or sponge brush for applying glue. Gretchen will share different paper weights/sizes and any forgotten tools. Also bring any papers you would like to experiment with for both the pages and the accordion fold. All additional materials provided. 

Coming Soon:


Bookmaking Workshop  taught by Gina Pisello
Thursday, February 8
, 4 to 6 p.m.
Cardiff Library
2081 Newcastle Avenue, Cardiff

In this 2-hour class two binding methods will be taught. The first, “Beauty in Use,” is an accordion folded bookbinding; a versatile structure created by Claire Van Vliet. This binding requires some folding, measuring, and cutting skills. You will make a sample binding that fits 4 x 6 inch pages (or postcards). The second is a “Crown Binding Book,” a fun structure created by Hedi Kyle. This binding requires some folding and taping skills. All paper will be provided along with templates and written directions for this binding structure. You should leave this class with the knowledge to make this book at home. There will be a number of sample books to look at during the workshop. They will give you some ideas for using this binding style.

This is a great workshop for CAP members who are designing their postcards. Also perfect for bookmaking, journaling, and so much more.


To Register: email Laurel Moorhead:
Class Fee: FREE and open to the whole community
Class Limit: 10 students. Please RSVP quickly to guarantee your space.
Tools and Supplies to Bring: bone folder, awl, ruler, craft knife, cutting mat, scoring tool, pencil. All additional materials will be  provided.

2018 Annual Meeting, La Jolla Riford Library

The 2018 meeting was held Sunday, January 14, and featured Jane LaFasio, sharing her journey in the arts with her presentation, Transformation: How I got to where I am today! Teaching, blogging, workshops and travel are just a few of the paths Jane has taken to inspire her students on their own artistic journey. Jane has been in San Diego since 1989 and added book arts to her body of  work during the last 20 years. Join us in January to celebrate with Jane her own story that she has created, collaged, and colored.