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“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.”
—Leonardo da Vinci
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Current & Upcoming Events

2015 Collaborative Art Project (CAP) : Over The Moon

Opening Reception: Mission Valley Library Community Room,
Sunday, July 10, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm with a reading of the Moon Haiku by Diane Gage
2123 Fenton Pkwy,
San Diego, CA 92108
(858) 573-5007

Free Book Arts Workshops based on Over the Moon, the SDBA Collaborative Arts Project:
*Mission Valley Library Book Arts Workshop
- Pamphlet Stitch Book led by Gretchen Hiegel,
Saturday, Sept. 10, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

*Mission Valley Library Book Arts Workshop
Accordion Fold Book led by Jim Stiven,
Tuesday, Sept. 27, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Watch for information on how to reserve your spot in these workshops in upcoming email updates.

Upcoming CAP Exhibition Dates:
Opening Reception of Over the Moon at Point Loma/Hervey Library, Sunday, Nov. 13, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm

LA JOLLA ATHENAEUM - Over the Moon Exhibit
Opening Reception of Over the Moon at La Jolla Athenaeum, 
Friday, Jan. 6, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

SDBA Member Exhibition 2016 Outside the Binding

Rose Gallery at the Frances Parker School
6501 Linda Vista Rd.,
San Diego, CA 92111
Submission deadline: October 1, 2016
(Please provide artwork complete. A high-resolution photo and description)
Watch for information on submission guidelines and contact information  in upcoming email updates

2016 Workshops

We still have space in some of these workshops:
Juliayn Coleman - Rebind A Paperback Book
Helen Hiebert - Illuminating Paper Possibilities

SDBA Salons: Looking for people to host a Salon

We are restarting the Salon initiative. Salons are small, special-interest groups or "Salons" where our members could meet informally and connect on various topics of interest for some time now.

Our very first one, an 'UnFinished Object' (UFO) Salon, was held on January 22nd, 2015. At this meeting, members brought unfinished art projects to a casual setting and worked on them. These unfinished projects could be from prior workshops or anything else participants were working on. Laurel Moorhead was our host.

We are looking to have more Salons, so if you have an idea for one let us know. A Salon can be based around a concept, process, and technique or simply to finish projects in the company of others. Some ideas for a Salon might include: a mixed-media Salon where members can teach each other a variety of techniques or a miniature book Salon for example.

Each Salon requires a leader who can either host or find someone to host the group, sets the dates of the meetings, etc. If you are interested in putting together a Salon please email us at, with the subject: Salon.

—Yvonne Davis, SDBA Programs


The SDBA Programs Committee is still offering, small workshops given by our talented members. Would YOU be interested in being a part of that teaching a particular technique or structure?

Each SDBA mini workshop is a hands-on session, runs two to four hours, and is offered by a member to the membership. Class sizes are generally 5 to 8 people. Any member with expertise in any book arts–related subject can offer a mini workshop. Fees will be collected by the presenter. SDBA requests that 15% of all fees collected be donated to the organization. Mini-workshop offerings will be publicized via an E-Blast to members with email, in the newsletter, and on our website.

 MANY of you know how to do things that others would like to learn. Each of us has different talents and skills and sharing those might be interesting and fun! We can help find a location for your workshop if need be. Please step up, share your skills, make some money, help your friends and make new connections. If you are interested in teaching a longer workshop we would be happy to help you put that together.

If you are interested in offering a Mini-Workshop please email us at, with the subject: Mini-Workshop.

—Yvonne Davis, SDBA Programs


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SDBA Programs

2015 Collaborative Art Project (CAP)

Dear SDBA Folks,

The SDBA Collaborative Art Project is on it’s way! Forty-five, or so, of our member-artists have chosen to respond artistically to one of the Moon Haiku series by San Diego Poet Diane Gage, serendipitously a long time San Diego Book Arts member: Haikus. Each artist will produce a single, large, page of art, on watercolor paper, using any chosen medium, but including a part of the text of the chosen haiku.The full 45 pages, the collaborative book, will be displayed as a single collection at an exhibition early next year, part of SDBA's 20th Anniversary celebration.

I have a vision of these large pages hanging, as on a clothesline, in a gallery setting, with light shining on them from above. I want to see that, says Orchestrator Kathy Przekopp, echoing the vision of project Artistic Guide, Viviana Lombrozo.Ultimately, a container will be created for these donated pages and the total book will be available for sale to a collector. Smaller copies of the images will be made and our participating artists will create their own book-structures of the images, showcasing the talents of the full group.

This is an ambitious project with lots of moving parts that is being done as a full collaboration, with each member of the group creating not only their art but also volunteering in the various tasks that will make this experience so memorable for San Diego Book Arts. The purpose of the project, beyond the glory to be seen in the exhibition, is twofold: First, helping to increase the sense of community and belonging within San Diego Book Arts and second, to be a source of fund-raising to support the project and SDBA as a whole.

This project IS off the ground.In order to get it flying, funds are needed for supplies, photography, printing, facility space and more. Our goal is to that the net gain from the sale of the full collection and the various artists' books will far exceed the costs for the project so that ultimately SDBA’s coffers will be made healthy again.In order to do this we are asking for (tax-deductible) donations of services and supplies, along with funds. If you would like to help this project move forward and can help in anyway, please do so.If you can donate or know of someone who can donate, please contact us via email, putting Collaborative Art Project as the subject, or click on the Donate button below.Off, off and AWAY!

SDBA CAP Steering Committee